The casinos we decided are the best all offer the most awesome baccarat games. What makes these casinos the greatest among their competitors is the accessibility for newcomers and how soon they can partake of table games and the baccarat lobby. If you want to unleash your inner Bond, choose your stakes and get your game on. Enjoy the moment to the maximum because there is no need to worry about your transactions’ security or personal information. They are all heavily SSL encrypted.


Our team of experts ensures that exceptional standards characterize every highly-rated casino we research.

These are some of the most critical factors we pay attention to when rating online baccarat casinos;

Safety & Security

  • Updated SSL encryption for secure transactions.
  • Auditing should be done frequently by reputable independent testing bodies, e.g., eCOGRA or TST.
  • Separate accounts for customers’ deposits and casino funds.

Selection of Baccarat Games

Our top Casinos must cater to the likes of traditional and modern baccarat players. No Commission Baccarat, Live dealer baccarat, and Punto Banco should be part of the gaming library.


One of the fundamental marketing strategies casinos use to attract gamblers to their hub is attractive bonuses; whether it is a welcome deposit bonus, rewards for inviting a friend, or some other type, it works. The best online baccarat casinos can reward prizes to players up to 250%, not to mention the additional perks that come with being a VIP member or signing up for Loyalty Programs.


The best online casinos offer players several options to make safe and secure deposits and withdrawals. Players should be able to choose payment with a master or visa card or eWallets.

If they are into cryptocurrency, they must be able to use Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, etc.

Casinos should reward customers for their payment method and not charge a fee.


Every business’s success relies on its customer support system. Providing 24/7 customer service via live chat or toll-free phone is the best, but casinos must also make an email and a FAQ section available on their page.


History states that the game Baccarat dates back to medieval times in Italy. The origin of baccarat is surrounded by much debate, but many conclude that Felix Falguierein created the game in 1400. At that time, he referred to the game as “baccara,” meaning “zero.” Zero because all tens and face cards were valued at zero in a card game. Several years later, the French adopted the spelling “baccarat,” which is still used today.

Important: Baccarat is played differently than when it was created. The original game consisted of four dealers distributing cards, the player was responsible for banking, and players were allowed to bet against other players and the casino. Baccarat games now only have one dealer, players only bet against the house, and the casino is the banker.

The baccarat game made its way to France and was referred to there as Chemin de Fer, or “Chemmy.” It quickly became a favorite among aristocrats like King Charles VIII and his noblemen.

Baccarat became so popular that even the English were catching on, and Ian Fleming was able to create the world’s most famous fictional baccarat player: Mr. James Bond. The continent of South America, the country Argentina, and the Caribbean adopted their version of baccarat, called Punto Y Banca. The Cubans called it Punto Banco. Punto Banco differs from the original game in terms of the player only being able to play against the house and players no longer holding the position of a banker.

Many today may refer to Punto Banco as “American Baccarat.”

In 1950, Frances Tommy Renzoni came up with the notion to move the game to Las Vegas because it would do well in the US, and it did.

Now all of the most popular casinos around the globe offer Baccarat. There is still a sense of affluence and prestige among baccarat lovers, even though it may not be as popular as blackjack and roulette.


You do not need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to play baccarat. There are hundreds of online casinos now offering this game which you can learn to play from the comfort of your couch on your mobile device. Baccarat is an easy game to become familiar with because the rules are easy to remember. You can lower the house edge by using the perfect strategies when placing your bets.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide for beginners interested in trying a baccarat game at an online casino. We have also included a thorough guide on How to play baccarat. Before we begin, you should remember a few things; the objective of baccarat is to bet on a hand closest to the number nine. Aces hold a value of 1, while the numbers 2-9 hold their value. 10s and face cards carry a weight of 0.  

  1. Choose a Game. First, navigate to the casino lobby and select a free baccarat game. 
  2. Choose Your Stakes. The betting areas and the min/max stakes will be displayed on the baccarat table. Place your chips onto the betting area by dragging and then dropping them, then hit the deal button. 
  3. Bet on Banker, Player, or Tie. In a game of baccarat, there are three options you can bet on: Banker, Player, or Tie. You must discard your first card if you are dealt a hand valued at ten and beyond. If the card you now hold is an 8 or 9, you will not be given a third card; therefore, you will “stand.” However, if your card is five or less, you will receive a third card (‘Hit’).  The Banker’s decision is dependent on your hand. If the Banker holds a card valued at two or less, they will draw a third card. If you hold an eight and the Banker has three, the banker can not draw a third card. 
  4. Understanding the Payouts. Suppose you win against the banker; your success is 19/20 (1/1 minus a 5% commission). You win 8/1 if you bet on a tie. If you win the bet against the Player, your win is 1/1. 
  5. Rebet, Clear Bet, & Double Bet. Winnings are immediately paid out, and you will have several options. You can double your bet, repeat the previous one, or collect your chips and play again.

Common Bets in Online Baccarat Games

  • Player Bet
    Payout: 1/1
    House Edge: 1.29% (Single Deck), 1.24% (6-Deck)
    Outcome: The Player beats the Banker by getting closest to 9.
  • Banker Bet
    Payout: 19/20 (5% commission)
    House Edge: 1.01% (Single Deck), 1.06% (6-Deck)
    Outcome: The Banker beats the Player by getting closest to 9.
  • Tie
    Payout: 8/1
    House Edge: 15.75% (Single Deck), 14.44% (6-Deck)
    Outcome: The Player and Banker hold the exact total.

Other Bets

When playing real money baccarat, the player can place other bets on the side. Each bet has its risks as well as payouts.

Let us look at the payouts and house edge in a six-deck online baccarat game with side bets.

  • Player Pair
    Payout: 1/1
    House Edge: 11.25%
    Outcome: The first two cards are dealt to the Player.
  • Banker Pair
    Payout: 11/1
    House Edge: 11.25%
    Outcome: The first two cards are dealt to the Banker.
  • Perfect Pair
    Payout: 25/1
    House Edge: 17.07%
    Outcome: The first two cards dealt to the Player or Banker (e.g., each has ten diamonds).
  • Either Pair
    Payout: 5/1
    House Edge: 14.54%
    Outcome: The first two cards are dealt to either the Banker or the Player.
  • Small
    Payout: 1.5/1
    House Edge: 5.27%
    Outcome: The sum of two cards dealt equals 4.
  • Big
    Payout: 0.54/1
    House Edge: 4.35%
    Outcome: The sum of the cards dealt equals 5 or 6.

It is easy to learn the basics of online baccarat; what makes the difference is knowing your odds, payouts, and the house edge. For more on the subject of baccarat, click on the blue link.

Key Takeaways

  • The best online baccarat casinos can reward prizes to players up to 250%, not to mention the additional perks that come with being a VIP member or signing up for Loyalty Programs.
  • Casinos should reward customers for their payment method and not charge a fee.
  • When playing real money baccarat, the player can place other bets on the side. Each bet has its risks as well as payouts.


Choose the Banker Every Time

The Banker is always at an advantage when the player draws a third card because their next move depends on what card the player holds.

Nevertheless, the Banker has less payout.

Avoid the Tie Bet

The Bankers’ hands and players’ hands rarely end in a tie. Even though this payout,8/1, may be tempting, remember that the house edge is 14.44% in a six-deck baccarat game.

Check the Number of Decks

Generally, six decks are used in online baccarat. However, this number may vary depending on the casino. The number of decks will determine the house edge; therefore, players should always consider that when deciding on a baccarat game.

Avoid Side Bets

Online casinos offer a wide range of impressive free baccarat. E.g., Perfect Pairs. Perfect pairs allow players to wager side bets with spectacular odds. However, all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes the actual odds are way higher than the payouts.

Learn Some Bankroll Management

Baccarat is one of the table games with the tiniest house edge compared to other casino games.

Nevertheless, your chances of winning are 50/50. Therefore you should manage your bankroll astutely.

Set your budget at 5% of your bankroll per hand. If your bankroll is $100, you should only bet $2 on a hand. This strategy will save you from losing many funds if you bust.


There are a couple of rules in baccarat related to a Player’s Score that beginners must learn.

The Third Card Rule; The card’s value in a player’s hand determines if and when they should be dealt another card. The third card’s value determines the Banker’s next move.

It matters not if you are an Advanced baccarat player, or a novice, anyone who plays or wishes to play baccarat must be aware of the Third Card Rule.

The simple chart below illustrates when a Player should be dealt a third and how this affects the bankers’ decision.

It is not enough to only learn the rules if you desire to become a professional baccarat player. Gaining comprehensive knowledge of the appropriate strategies will tremendously impact the outcome of your games. You can review our baccarat strategy guide to become familiar with all the tools to help you become a better player.


Online baccarat is an exciting game played between the Banker and the Player. You (the Player) need to wager on a hand closest to but does not exceed 9. There is a variation of baccarat known as Perfect pairs. In Perfect Pairs, you are allowed to place bets on the side.

All the top-rated real-money online casinos offer baccarat games. These games can be tested for free and even without downloading. Players can quickly access these games via a web browser; they only need a strong and stable internet connection.

No. The highly rated casinos utilize a unique technology called RNG, which randomly generates the outcome of games. In addition, these online casinos operate under strict licensing authorities and cooperate with the respective bodies responsible for auditing and checking game fairness.

Yes, but consider the commission of 5% if the Banker wins the hand. There are other options like No Commission baccarat, where there isn’t a 5% deduction if the Banker wins.