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Welcome to our free casinos directory. Our listings contain the most trusted online casino reviews, reviewed and rated by our experts, and sorted by our specialized rating system.

Casino dApps offer a fully transparent gambling experience using smart contracts and cryptocurrency. Decentralized casinos offer a demystified online gambling experience where every player can view the public and immutable ledger. When playing provably fair games, casino-goers can actually verify each roll of the dice.

dApps casinos offer a wide variety of traditional games like poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, craps, baccarat, dice, scratch cards, lottery, coin toss, horse racing and sports betting. Players can gamble confidently knowing that they can trace and prove their transaction all along the way. Decentralized casinos create a trustless environment to maximize player enjoyment and minimize risk.

Currently, Ethereum (ETH), EOS, and NEM are the only platforms with live casino dApps, but we expect Tron (TRX), QTUM, and NEO to be offering them soon. Below are reviews, developer info, social channels, plus screenshots & video (when available) of the latest casino dApps.

Video poker is an incredibly well liked casino game, and is now a casino game that TRON betting enthusiasts can take part in for themselves. With the Video Poker gaming dApp, bettors have the chance to take on video poker and video poker only for the chance to reel in TRX profits and potentially earn big depending on how the cards fall.

Touting itself as a high dividend provider of games, Bankroll is an interesting TRON betting platform. Players don’t have a massive number of games to choose from while they are on the site, but should be able to enjoy what is there while hoping to rake in the dividends that do present themselves with different opportunities throughout the Bankroll network.

High and Low is a universally popular form of betting, where players have to determine if a card that is drawn will be higher or lower than a card that was drawn before it. It is an exercise in understanding the odds and using them to one’s advantage. And in the High and Low TRX betting dApp, players can use their knowledge to their advantage in the hope of winning some TRX in the process.

Roulette is a game that involves restraint as the biggest skill that a player can have, as they have to avoid putting down chips in too many areas to avoid burning through their bankroll. And in the case of the Roulette Live TRX betting dApp, bettors can hopefully exercise their restraint en route to sizable payouts across the table.

When it comes to gambling, there aren’t many games that are more recognizable than blackjack. And TRON bettors who want to play blackjack don’t have to look any further than this betting site known simply as BlackJack. Here, there is only one game that players can take part in, with a streamlined design making it easy to get involved with blackjack games and nothing else.

888TRON is a new blockchain based gambling dApp, but it is already making a splash with what it has to offer and what it has planned for the future. With 2,000 weekly users responsible for over 32,000 weekly transactions, it is clear that this site has been appealing to those who have given it a try so far.

Tiger vs. Dragon is an interesting dApp that pits a tiger against a dragon in a way that one might not expect when they hear that those two animals are going up against one another. Instead of a battle for food chain supremacy or anything like that, bettors can wager on which one will have the more fortuitous luck in an effort to win their wagers, no animal clashes required.

Dragon7 is a TRON-based betting site that prides itself on offering classic casino play on this relatively new blockchain technology. And with the site mirroring more traditional online casinos than most crypto casino sites, there are definitely reasons for fans of classic casino games to get involved here. With 4,000 weekly users and just under 10,000 weekly transactions, this site is becoming one of the most popular TRON gaming sites around. is an online casino site that exists along the TRON blockchain, that accepts TRX tokens from players. The site offers a strong visual appeal on both desktop and mobile devices, with easy to access buttons that scale well to whichever devices are being used at the time. And with 4,200 weekly users and 2.5 million weekly transactions, the site has plenty to offer in its early stages.

WINk is a casino based dApp that has been around longer than virtually any other, and has created a strong suite of provably fair games that span a number of different gaming categories. With over 5,000 weekly users and nearly four million weekly transactions, this dApp has built a following in a big way since its original incarnation as TronBet.

WinPlay is an EOS gambling platform that makes it easy for players to access the games that they have to offer. There aren’t many of those games, but the ones that are available are mainstays in the betting and cryptocurrency betting spaces. With over 700 weekly users making nearly 20,000 weekly transactions on this site, bettors should be confident that they are in for a solid experience on this platform.

BigGame touts itself as the premier EOS gaming platform, and it is hard to argue with that based on its popularity. While there are barely over 800 weekly users on the site, there are well over a million weekly transactions on the site, which means that those users are using the site in massive numbers when they are active. And with a nice roster of provably fair games, it is understandable that they would do that.

Royal Online Vegas is an interesting EOS betting platform, in that they do offer several Las Vegas style games to their players. However, they do not offer slots that are so synonymous with Vegas and gambling in general. And players seem to have responded well to that fact. While being just under 1,000 users per week, players at Royal Online Vegas are making somewhere in the neighborhood of 45,000 transactions per week.

GP Casino is a site that seems to understand that bettors don’t want to be bogged down by anything and that they just want to play their favorite games. As soon as players get to the site, they aren’t greeted by a home page that shows different promotions or anything like that. Instead, they are taken straight to a game that they can start playing, which should be enjoyed by those who just want to play their favorite casino games.

SKR EOS is an EOS betting dApp that looks extremely blue thanks to a mostly blue design. But it shouldn’t leave bettors feeling blue, thanks to the fact that it is easy to use and does a good job of getting straight to the point with the games that it has to offer. And with an interesting community aspect to go with the gaming, there are definitely some unique things going on at this site.

TrustDice is a site that offers cryptocurrency betting and EOS betting action to players through, as you could guess by their name, dice games. But they have much more than just dice, and have built one of the most underrated betting platforms in the entire world of cryptocurrency casino play.

Simplicity is important when it comes to betting sites, especially new ones. Fortunately, iBox Game offers exactly that. A card game that offers players a few different betting options, this EOS betting platform is one that does not take a lot of getting used to and does give bettors an opportunity to win without having to expend too much mental energy.

Hold’em PokerKing is an interesting idea, in that it is a poker specific EOS dApp that only offers poker games. Given poker’s status as one of the most skillful forms of betting in the world, there is something of a high barrier to entry to those who want to play it at a high enough level to win money consistently. But Hold’em PokerKing does a nice job of making poker accessible, encouraging players to learn about the game in a setting where they can play for lower stakes while experienced players play for higher stakes.

One would think that a site called BingoBet would be centered around bingo. Those who thought that would be wrong, though, as BingoBet is an EOS betting site that actually doesn’t offer bingo at all to players. What they offer instead is an interesting group of games on the EOS blockchain that include some cryptocurrency betting favorites along with some more classic casino mainstays.

Dice games are as popular with cryptocurrency betting as anything else, as they were one of the first ways that people could place wagers using cryptocurrency. But the Dice EOS betting platform is one that offers dice and many other gaming options, appealing to those who enjoy the true crypto wagering as well as those who want to try other types of traditional and non-traditional betting choices for a more well-rounded experience.

Sports betting exchanges have become very popular thanks to the likes of Betfair and similar bookmakers. With the ability to bet against other players instead of against the house, bettors can typically find value where it might not be at a traditional sports betting site. For those who like to bet with ETH, SportCrypt serves as a betting exchange with the ability to use crypto to fund peer-to-peer wagers.

There is a saying in the casino world that the house always wins. The reason for that saying is house edge, meaning that the house typically takes a cut of all of the action or that there is a percentage chance built in that the house will win on all bets in certain games. But at an ETH betting platform like Edgeless, that is no longer a concern thanks to the presence of zero house edge gaming that could change the industry for the better.

One of the most exciting things about cryptocurrency betting and ETH betting in particular is the fact that bettors can expect the industry to evolve and improve in the near future. There aren’t many better examples of that than MyEtherGames, which appears to have some big things in the world of ETH gambling coming soon. For now, though, players can enjoy some vintage crypto gaming.

Creativity is a must for ETH gambling dapps or any other gambling site. And what Ethex has done with a lottery drawing type approach to ETH betting is nothing short of creative genius. Instead of offering a ton of different games that can get lost in the shuffle, they came up with one interesting idea that has generated over 1,400 weekly transactions as players look to make accurate predictions for the chance to win big.

Etheroll is a provably fair dice site, where players can play one game and one game only. But that one game is a staple of the cryptocurrency betting experience, with players having great success with this type of gaming for virtually as long as crypto betting has been around. In this case of this ETH betting platform in particular, players can enjoy a low house edge as they look to make money from this customizable dice experience.

Crypto betting is in an interesting place, as betting sites that deal with cryptocurrency such as ETH are able to offer traditional provably fair games as well as games that one could find in any online casino. And while some sites refuse to offer both, CasinoFair has mixed these genres together to make a harmonious casino site that players of any game should be able to enjoy in a big way.

Looking at cryptocurrency betting and ETH wagering platforms as a whole, a lot of what players see are provably fair games like dice and games like it. The key for betting sites that offer these games is to do so in a compelling way that incentivizes players to take part in them. has done a decent job of this, presenting dice and other provably fair entries in a similar genre in a compelling enough way to generate over 40,000 weekly transactions and millions of dollars across those transactions from just a couple of hundred weekly users.

X2BetWin is an ETH betting site that allows bettors to take on several classic wagering types along with some newer age entries into the industry that are more specific to the cryptocurrency betting arena. And with a mix of provably fair gaming action that has helped generate close to 5,000 monthly transactions among hundreds of weekly users, X2BetWin has carved out a nice space in the crypto betting game. is an ETH betting platform which allows bettors to mix games that they would find in a traditional casino with ones that they would enjoy in a bar with their friends. That kind of atmosphere has cultivated popularity, with over 1,000 weekly users coming into the site to make over 7,500 weekly transactions. And with some strong traditional and non-traditional betting options, that popularity is poised to grow.

One of the things that can make a betting site successful is thinking outside of the box, especially in the age of cryptocurrency betting. There isn’t a much better example of that than YOLOrekt. YOLOrekt calls itself a gamified version of short term options trading, which doesn’t make much sense to those who aren’t investors, but has caught on in a major way in turning pricing into a competition for potential profits.