Touting itself as a high dividend provider of games, Bankroll is an interesting TRON betting platform. Players don’t have a massive number of games to choose from while they are on the site, but should be able to enjoy what is there while hoping to rake in the dividends that do present themselves with different opportunities throughout the Bankroll network.

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In terms of games selection, there is a drawing that can be entered on the Bankroll platform that is awarded to players every four hours. There is also the ability to take part in games like the Moon offering that has become more and more popular in the TRON betting space. And there is even a game called Air, where players can take a free roll for the chance to win TRX. This is not a particularly strong betting menu, but should suffice.

One of the things players should be aware of when it comes to the dividends generated by Bankroll games is the fact that most of those dividends appear to go to some of the players who put the most currency into the games to begin with. Known as whales by the site, those who put the most funds into certain games tend to see somewhere in the neighborhood of 60% of the dividends while the rest are awarded to players who may not have invested as much.

There are fewer than 1,000 weekly users of Bankroll, but those users are dedicated as they have made over 32,000 transactions over the same week period. That enthusiasm to play at Bankroll should not be overlooked.