One would think that a site called BingoBet would be centered around bingo. Those who thought that would be wrong, though, as BingoBet is an EOS betting site that actually doesn’t offer bingo at all to players. What they offer instead is an interesting group of games on the EOS blockchain that include some cryptocurrency betting favorites along with some more classic casino mainstays.

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The most prominently offered game at BingoBet is actually roulette, interestingly enough. Bettors have the opportunity to take on both American and European roulette on the site, with a roulette wheel spinning as the loading screen to the site as well. Players can also take on dice and slots on the site, as well as a lucky draw game that could net players more in EOS tokens to boot. The games interfaces load quickly, and it is easy to get from one game to another.

In addition to the different games on offer at BingoBet are hourly, daily, and weekly jackpots that are awarded to players. These jackpots put dozens of EOS tokens up for grabs to greatly increase a player’s bankroll if they are lucky enough to be chosen to win them.

To this point, BingoBet is seeing about 5,800 weekly users who are making just under 88,000 weekly transactions. Given the fact that there are only about seven games to choose from on this site, that is an impressive number of transactions from a user base that clearly enjoys what BingoBet has done to this point.