When it comes to gambling, there aren’t many games that are more recognizable than blackjack. And TRON bettors who want to play blackjack don’t have to look any further than this betting site known simply as BlackJack. Here, there is only one game that players can take part in, with a streamlined design making it easy to get involved with blackjack games and nothing else.

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The graphics at this virtual blackjack table arent overly impressive, and there is no ability to link up with other players to take on multiple hands with one dealer. Instead, players are compelled to play solo against the dealer in hopes of coming away with more TRX than they started with. Players have the ability to select their bet amount, double their bet, bet the max, or clear their bet and start over again before dealing the cards, at which point the goal is to outperform the dealer’s hand.

A nice feature in an otherwise straightforward gaming setting is the fact that players can look at their wager history. This could help with the decision making process in the future, as bettors can see what bet sizes worked for them and which could have been better.

In a week, BlackJack sees 1,800 or so users make 5,600 transactions. Given the simplicity of this TRX betting platform and the fact that it offers one of the most popular single games in all of the world of gambling, it wouldn’t be surprising to see BlackJack continue to grow as one of the more popular TRON websites.