Dice games are as popular with cryptocurrency betting as anything else, as they were one of the first ways that people could place wagers using cryptocurrency. But the Dice EOS betting platform is one that offers dice and many other gaming options, appealing to those who enjoy the true crypto wagering as well as those who want to try other types of traditional and non-traditional betting choices for a more well-rounded experience.

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In terms of game selection, yes, Dice does indeed have a dice game. But they also have popular table games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Additionally, there are sports betting options that players can take advantage of and other games like bull fights, a moon-type game called EOS Crash, and some slot options. Compared to many EOS betting platforms, this is one of the more robust game menus around.

Players can be rewarded for loyalty to Dice, as there are weekly leaderboards that show which players have earned the most points for wagering the most on the site over that time period. The top users on that leaderboard receive monetary prizes that they can add to their return on investment for using the site.

Dice has over 14,000 weekly users who are responsible for 5.6 million transactions per week. The amount wagered at Dice per week is equal to over $6 million, as players seem to enjoy both the number of games that they can choose from as well as the easy to use layout of the site.

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