Looking at cryptocurrency betting and ETH wagering platforms as a whole, a lot of what players see are provably fair games like dice and games like it. The key for betting sites that offer these games is to do so in a compelling way that incentivizes players to take part in them. Dice2.win has done a decent job of this, presenting dice and other provably fair entries in a similar genre in a compelling enough way to generate over 40,000 weekly transactions and millions of dollars across those transactions from just a couple of hundred weekly users.

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There are four games that players can choose from at this site, with those games being a coin flip game, a single die game, a two dice game, and a game called Etheroll, which is a standard one to 99 high/low dice game. None of these options are particularly groundbreaking or new. But they are presented well with a strong site design to make them look decent as they work quickly without any lag time.

One of the real strengths of this site is the fact that it makes clear what a player’s odds are as they go through each game. It uses big numbers to illustrate win probabilities based on a player’s inputs, what the payout multiplier would be, and how much a player would win if their bet were to be a winner. That kind of information is vital to any betting decision, and is made more prominent on Dice2.win than it is on many betting sites.

There aren’t any mentions of VIP programs or other frills to Dice2.win, and that is part of the appeal of this site. Players can go to the site, pick the games they want to play, and start rolling the dice or flipping coins without interruption. And with well explained scenarios in each game, even new gamblers should be able to learn quickly and enjoy the action.