Dragon7 is a TRON-based betting site that prides itself on offering classic casino play on this relatively new blockchain technology. And with the site mirroring more traditional online casinos than most crypto casino sites, there are definitely reasons for fans of classic casino games to get involved here. With 4,000 weekly users and just under 10,000 weekly transactions, this site is becoming one of the most popular TRON gaming sites around.

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When it comes to the games that are offered on Dragon7, players will feel like they are at any number of online casinos. There are plenty of slots offerings to choose from, as well as a selection of card games, lottery games, and arcade games. There is also a section of games known as fishing games, where players can look to take out fish, with each attempt constituting a wager. The bigger the fish landed, the bigger the prize won.

Players are rewarded for their loyalty to Dragon7, as every 777 TRX that they play earns them a treasure box. Using the site for seven days in a row also entitles players to a treasure box, each of which can earn players anywhere from 7 TRX to 777 TRX depending on a player’s luck in drawing a box.

The stated goal of Dragon7 is the fact that they wanted to bring fans of casino gaming together with those in the blockchain community to create one community. Based on their games selection, they have done a nice job of laying the groundwork to meet that goal.