There is a saying in the casino world that the house always wins. The reason for that saying is house edge, meaning that the house typically takes a cut of all of the action or that there is a percentage chance built in that the house will win on all bets in certain games. But at an ETH betting platform like Edgeless, that is no longer a concern thanks to the presence of zero house edge gaming that could change the industry for the better.

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Among the games that are on offer at this site are slots, as well as edgeless versions of hi-lo, blackjack, crash, and dice, with other table games and provably fair games mixed in. In total, there are 12 casino-type games up for grabs at Edgeless, which is a good amount without being overwhelming. And with the lack of house edge, players already have more of a chance to come out on top than they do elsewhere.

There is also an eSports betting platform built into Edgeless, as the popularity of eSports wagering has exploded in recent years. With the ability to wager on matches in popular games like CS:GO, DOTA 2, and League of Legends, that only makes the experience at Edgeless that much more universal.

Edgeless is interesting in that there is a small weekly user base generating somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 transactions per month. But as more and more players learn of the ability to take on edgeless games, it is likely that more players will jump on board after seeing the value.

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