Etheroll is a provably fair dice site, where players can play one game and one game only. But that one game is a staple of the cryptocurrency betting experience, with players having great success with this type of gaming for virtually as long as crypto betting has been around. In this case of this ETH betting platform in particular, players can enjoy a low house edge as they look to make money from this customizable dice experience.

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The first thing that players can customize is their bet size to accommodate their respective budgets. But from there, bettors are able to take part in customizing what it is they are betting on. As is the norm with this type of dice game, this means choosing what number the bettor is going to try and roll lower than, with the options being anything from two to 99. Of course, the higher the number chosen, the higher the chances of winning and the lower the prospective payout.

Players who like to look into the house edge for games like this will be relieved to know that it is only 1%. That is lower than or equal to what players will find at similar dice sites, as the odds of winning line up very well with the actual win probabilities from the chosen numbers throughout the game.

If there is one criticism about Etheroll, it is the fact that there aren’t other provably fair ETH betting games available. Even if the site doesn’t want to add traditional casino options, games like coin flips and minesweeper variants could have been a good fit. But for what it is, Etheroll does a solid job of offering dice.