Creativity is a must for ETH gambling dapps or any other gambling site. And what Ethex has done with a lottery drawing type approach to ETH betting is nothing short of creative genius. Instead of offering a ton of different games that can get lost in the shuffle, they came up with one interesting idea that has generated over 1,400 weekly transactions as players look to make accurate predictions for the chance to win big.

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The goal of the game at Ethex is for players to predict the last six values of each block hash that is mined. There are several options to choose from, including exact letters and numbers, any letter, any number, and odd or even numbers. Depending on what combination is chosen, different odds will be generated, as a specific letter or number is less likely than a set of letters or numbers.

Once a player has locked in their prediction, they can choose their bet amount and place their wager. If they predict the exact combination of the final six values, they can win the super prize which can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course, that is very difficult to do, so players might hope to win smaller but still substantial prizes instead.

This site puts the power in the hands of players to determine how ambitious they want to get and how much they could potentially win. And with the chance for massive payouts, there is a lot of fun involved with playing this unconventional game at Ethex.