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Hold’em PokerKing

Hold’em PokerKing is an interesting idea, in that it is a poker specific EOS dApp that only offers poker games. Given poker’s status as one of the most skillful forms of betting in the world, there is something of a high barrier to entry to those who want to play it at a high enough level to win money consistently. But Hold’em PokerKing does a nice job of making poker accessible, encouraging players to learn about the game in a setting where they can play for lower stakes while experienced players play for higher stakes.

When you go to the homepage of this dApp, you see a list of tables. Those tables each list their criteria such as the number of players that are accepted at that table and the amount players need to buy in to play along with the blind amounts for each hand at that table. Buy ins can range from 0.5 EOS to 50 EOS depending on what a player has at their disposal and what their budget looks like when playing online poker.

It is worth noting that the games that are being played at Hold’em PokerKing are not tournaments, but are rather standard cash game style tables. That means that the goal is not to knock out opposing players, but rather to get as many chips from them as possible for as long as you are at a table. A player can always reload their account and come back, and players should be aware of that before they start playing to avoid any surprises.

Over 1,800 weekly users have been taking part in the action at Hold’em PokerKing, with over 40,000 transactions per week taking place on the platform. And with a VIP program that gives players a chance to earn back a larger percentage of the rake with every level climbed, it’s no surprise that players keep making transactions on this platform.