iBox Game

iBox Game

Simplicity is important when it comes to betting sites, especially new ones. Fortunately, iBox Game offers exactly that. A card game that offers players a few different betting options, this EOS betting platform is one that does not take a lot of getting used to and does give bettors an opportunity to win without having to expend too much mental energy.

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How this game works is that a card is shown on the table. A player then has a few different options. They can first decide if they want to bet on the next card being higher or lower, with the odds for those options depending on what card is showing on the table and the probability of each option that results from it. The next option is that a player can predict if the next card will be a black or red card, or which suit the next card will be.

The odds for each of these options will shift as each new card comes out, as a result of each card that is showing impacting the probability of the next draw. For example, if a four of clubs is showing, that means that the next card won’t also be the four of clubs. That means that the next card to be pulled is less likely to be a black card or a club, and their odds will shift accordingly.

To this point, iBox Game has 1,800 weekly users who are responsible for the game’s 9,600 weekly transactions. Thanks to its simple gameplay and the fact that it is provably fair, it is no surprise that players have been using it in decent sized numbers to this point in its existence.