is an ETH betting platform which allows bettors to mix games that they would find in a traditional casino with ones that they would enjoy in a bar with their friends. That kind of atmosphere has cultivated popularity, with over 1,000 weekly users coming into the site to make over 7,500 weekly transactions. And with some strong traditional and non-traditional betting options, that popularity is poised to grow.

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Of the more conventional casino gaming options on, players can take on slots offerings that include some pretty popular entries in the genre. Games like Gonzo’s Quest and Big Blox are popular on any betting site, and seeing them on an ETH platform like this only raises the profile of the site they are on. The site also offers a couple of versions of roulette, but the lack of other table games like blackjack is disappointing.

There are also folk games that players can get involved with, which include games like coin flip, roll a dice, rock paper scissors, and the interestingly named drunkard battle. These are just variations of other provably fair games that you would see elsewhere, but the presentation here is certainly unique and helps stand out even when there may not be anything all that special going on with the individual games themselves.

This site is abundantly easy to use, as players can seamlessly navigate between the three main gaming sections with just a click or tap no matter where they are on the site. And with deposit and withdraw buttons prominently displayed at the top of each page, this site is not shy about being excited to pay out their winners either.