is an online casino site that exists along the TRON blockchain, that accepts TRX tokens from players. The site offers a strong visual appeal on both desktop and mobile devices, with easy to access buttons that scale well to whichever devices are being used at the time. And with 4,200 weekly users and 2.5 million weekly transactions, the site has plenty to offer in its early stages.

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One of the first things players will see at the top of the RocketGame site is a list of PVP games that allow players to go head to head rather than against the house in the quest to earn funds. These games include Monopoly, Battleship, and Mines-Melee. Players can sit at different tables with different buy-ins to compete against others who arrive at that table, with the winner receiving the funds that result from those victories.

Outside of the PVP games, there are other provably fair games to choose from such as dice, mines, keno, and slots. Each game lists the house edge on the home screen so that bettors can be informed about what they are up against before they start playing. The games are well designed, with the betting interface being easy to understand as well.

Bettors at RocketGame can take part in a daily wagering contest, where the players who have wagered the most TRON tokens can earn prizes each day in addition to a weekly race that awards prizes to those who wager the most over that time frame. They can also complete a daily task to earn additional tokens at this site that does a nice job of offering added value to its players.