Royal Online Vegas

Royal Online Vegas

Royal Online Vegas is an interesting EOS betting platform, in that they do offer several Las Vegas style games to their players. However, they do not offer slots that are so synonymous with Vegas and gambling in general. And players seem to have responded well to that fact. While being just under 1,000 users per week, players at Royal Online Vegas are making somewhere in the neighborhood of 45,000 transactions per week.

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The games that are being offered by Royal Online Vegas are Blackjack, Jacks or Better, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Poker Dice, and Poker Master. One of the fun things about playing at a card-centric betting site is the fact that a player’s own decisions plays a larger role in whether or not they win than a site that offers predominantly slots or some other form of wagering. This makes things feel more interactive, which is certainly for the best.

If there is one issue with Royal Online Vegas, it is that it isn’t immediately clear how to get back to the home page of the site to select another game after selecting one in the first place. Players could always leave the site and come back, but that seems more difficult than having a home button somewhere on the game screen for easy access.

In terms of the design of this site, it is clear that it was designed with mobile players in mind first and foremost. The buttons for each game look huge on desktop devices as they are forced to scale upward to handle the bigger screens of a computer. On mobile, though, those buttons look similar to the buttons for most apps, which looks nice and is functional for those playing on the go.