SKR EOS is an EOS betting dApp that looks extremely blue thanks to a mostly blue design. But it shouldn’t leave bettors feeling blue, thanks to the fact that it is easy to use and does a good job of getting straight to the point with the games that it has to offer. And with an interesting community aspect to go with the gaming, there are definitely some unique things going on at this site.

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In terms of the games that are available for players to take on, there is first a ladder game where players can predict how a trip down a ladder will play out in terms of the number of steps and the start and end points. Players can also play blackjack, dice, and a lottery game as well, with those options not deviating much from the standard operation of those games at many different betting sites.

Something that is very different from what bettors usually see at wagering sites, though, is the presence of a dedicated chat feed along the side of the screen. Bettors can look at the messages being sent by their fellow players throughout their time using the site and can chat with their fellow players to foster a community atmosphere that is usually reserved for online poker tables or online bingo. That is a nice touch that makes the site feel much more lighthearted and social.

SKR EOS has just about 1,300 weekly users, but those users are fiercely loyal to the site. They have made nearly two-thirds of a million transactions per week, with the equivalent to well over $100,000 in transactions being performed over that time frame.