Sports betting exchanges have become very popular thanks to the likes of Betfair and similar bookmakers. With the ability to bet against other players instead of against the house, bettors can typically find value where it might not be at a traditional sports betting site. For those who like to bet with ETH, SportCrypt serves as a betting exchange with the ability to use crypto to fund peer-to-peer wagers.

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At SportCrypt, players are able to post bets that they want to make ahead of events at certain odds, with bettors having the opportunity to take them up on those wagers. The bettors who accepts the original bet can make an offer as to how much they want to put up, with the two sides needing to come to an agreement before the start of a matchup. If that happens, the rest of the process plays out like a normal sports bet, with both sides waiting on the outcome of the event.

As is common with betting exchanges, SportCrypt doesn’t make their money on vig on each side, but instead takes a commission on the bets that are made between players. Given that this is a relatively new exchange with a relatively small weekly user base, it can sometimes be hard to find bettors to take on both sides of a wager. But if you are a bettor who can find someone to oppose you, there are often better opportunities out there than at traditional sportsbooks.

The betting markets at SportCrypt are solid, although they lean toward the sporting preferences of Americans. There are a lot of American football options, for example, as opposed to more global choices in the world of football and tennis. As long as that isn’t a problem for an individual according to their preferences, though, this site is worth taking a look at.