Tiger vs Dragon

Tiger vs Dragon

Tiger vs. Dragon is an interesting dApp that pits a tiger against a dragon in a way that one might not expect when they hear that those two animals are going up against one another. Instead of a battle for food chain supremacy or anything like that, bettors can wager on which one will have the more fortuitous luck in an effort to win their wagers, no animal clashes required.

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There is only one game at Tiger vs. Dragon, and that is the card game where tiger and dragon look to draw the highest card during each round. Players are able to bet on whether they think that the tiger or dragon will draw the card with the higher value. After bets are placed, the tiger and dragon cards are revealed, and the side with the better card wins the wager for their backers.

Throwing a little more intrigue into things is the fact that there is also the ability to wager on a draw to take place on a given hand. Instead of a push should both tiger and dragon draw a card with the same value, a draw would then result in a loss. However, if someone bet the draw in that scenario, they would take home a payout at 8/1 odds.

Tiger vs. Dragon currently sports just over 2,000 weekly users who are making just over 8,000 transactions per week. The quick turnaround time of each round and the fact that it is so easy to understand makes it so that players have kept coming back in hopes that the dragon or tiger can come out on top for them.