WinPlay is an EOS gambling platform that makes it easy for players to access the games that they have to offer. There aren’t many of those games, but the ones that are available are mainstays in the betting and cryptocurrency betting spaces. With over 700 weekly users making nearly 20,000 weekly transactions on this site, bettors should be confident that they are in for a solid experience on this platform.

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There are three games that players can choose from when they head to WinPlay. The first of those is a lottery game, where players can bet on the outcome of individual drawings. They can wager on the number being even or odd as well as the size of the number and what that number that is drawn ends with. That creates several betting options within one game, making it similar to a roulette in that regard.

Bettors can also take to a pretty standard dice game, where they have to wager on whether the roll will go above or below a number one to 97. With the list of numbers possible on each roll going from zero to 99, there is always the possibility that bettors end up with a loss no matter how far the odds are in their favor. And there are also Texas Hold’em tables at this site, with varying buy in and blind amounts for different budget levels.

One of the best things about this EOS gaming platform is the fact that players can verify each provably fair round right on each screen with a verification link being presented in the round history for each game. That certainly adds peace of mind to any gambling proceedings.