One of the things that can make a betting site successful is thinking outside of the box, especially in the age of cryptocurrency betting. There isn’t a much better example of that than YOLOrekt. YOLOrekt calls itself a gamified version of short term options trading, which doesn’t make much sense to those who aren’t investors, but has caught on in a major way in turning pricing into a competition for potential profits.

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Essentially, players at YOLOrekt are betting on what the price of ETH will be over the course of three minute head to head matchups. During those matchups, players who do a better job of predicting the pricing will win money off of the other and be declared the winner. This, of course, can require a great bit of skill, but is one that can be worth having given the financial implications.

Players can launch a game straight from the homepage of this site, at which point they can login to bet on whether they think the price of ETH will rise or fall from the start of the three minute periods. This is straightforward from a process standpoint, making it possible to wager even if you aren’t someone who understands the trading aspect of the game.

At this point, YOLOrekt is drawing in nearly 7,000 weekly users for over 8,000 weekly transactions in the ETH betting space. And given how niche a skill is required compared to most forms of betting, its popularity to this point has been impressive.