Octoplay has developed a game where anime splendor meets thrilling casino gameplay, “Eternal Clash Slot.” 

This title was developed with enthusiasm for the anime slots niche and made its illustrious debut in the online casino scene, captivating players with its vibrant anime-themed slot experience.

When you enter this world, you are greeted by the strikingly designed characters Gaia and Arganos, leading the charge in a battle-themed narrative that unfolds across a dynamic 6×4 grid. This anime slot machine contains symbols that echo the essence of a legendary TV series, including the Sakura scatter that unlocks the potential for lucrative free spins.

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The game’s heart lies in its bonus round, cleverly named Showdown Spins, a reel confrontation delivering high-octane gameplay and the chance to amplify your stakes significantly. With a Return to Player (RTP) range of 92.7% to 95.7%, “Eternal Clash Slot” offers an engaging pursuit for free spins lovers and real money seekers. 

Available to play at premier online casinos, this anime-themed journey promises a princess slot adventure where the thrill of casino games and the charm of anime converge in a spectacle of spinning reels and animated storytelling.

Theme & Design

“Eternal Clash” masterfully weaves an intricate theme of courage and battle into the fabric of slot gaming, presenting a visually stunning anime-inspired design that sets it apart in the online casino gaming world. 

This game transports players into a vibrant, otherworldly battlefield where each spin tells a story of heroism and conflict. The characters, drawn with exquisite detail reminiscent of popular TV series, are not merely symbols but warriors with their tales and values.

Heroes like Gaia, Arcanos, and Grimerra come equipped with swords, signifying their readiness to battle the forces of Shadow, Gillsbane, Infernix, Blazethorn, and the formidable Corruptus. These swords are more than just armaments; they measure a hero’s strength and a player’s potential to secure victory against the encroaching darkness. The game’s design cleverly integrates these elements into the gameplay, where the number of swords determines the outcome of battles and influences the game’s dynamic, ensuring that no two spins are alike.

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The purpose of the hearts in “Eternal Clash” extends beyond mere health points. They encapsulate the game’s essence, a ticking clock that adds suspense and urgency to each spin. As these hearts dwindle, the tension rises, mirroring the stakes of the epic confrontations unfolding on the reels.

“Eternal Clash” stands as a testament to the creative potential of slot games, blending the thrill of casino gaming with the depth of anime storytelling. Its theme and design invite players into a world where every spin is a battle, every victory a story, and every character a hero worth rooting for.

Eternal Clash Features

“Eternal Clash” is a riveting slot game with a unique blend of anime-inspired aesthetics and innovative gameplay features, making it a standout choice among other slots in online casinos. Here’s a breakdown of its features, considering the detailed mechanics and thematic elements we’ve discussed:

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  1. Dynamic Battle Feature: At the heart of “Eternal Clash” lies the battle feature, where heroes on the left reel face off against villains on the right. This continuous clash is fueled by an automatic spinning mechanism that activates when a “VS” symbol appears, leading to an immersive combat sequence. The outcome of these battles hinges on each character’s swords, introducing a strategic layer to the slot experience.
  2. Sword Accumulation Mechanism: Players witness their heroes gain swords through spins that result in no enemy appearance or special symbols that double a hero’s sword count. This mechanic enhances the heroes’ chances of victory and adds depth to the gameplay, encouraging players to strategize around sword accumulation.
  3. Heart System: The game starts with a pool of 1000 hearts, serving as stamina or lifeline. Hearts are consumed based on the outcomes of battles and the appearance of symbols on the reels. This system adds suspense, as players must manage these hearts wisely to prolong the game and maximize their winnings.
  4. Character Strength and Rewards: Each character, both heroes and villains, comes with a set number of swords and point values, influencing the game’s progression and potential payouts. Defeating higher-tier enemies like Corruptus offers substantial rewards, making every encounter a high-stakes affair.
  5. Anime-Themed Aesthetics: The game’s design draws heavily from anime culture, featuring detailed character designs and vibrant visuals that immerse players in its world. This thematic choice appeals to slot games and anime fans, offering a unique gaming experience.
  6. Bonus Rounds and Free Spins: While “Eternal Clash” focuses on the battle mechanism, it incorporates elements familiar to slot enthusiasts, such as bonus and free spins. These features are cleverly integrated into the game’s narrative, providing additional opportunities for players to accumulate swords, defeat enemies, and secure wins.

Eternal Clash Payouts

This riveting anime-themed slot game holds the potential for substantial real-money payouts. 

In “Eternal Clash,” players can win money by lining up matching symbols across the 25 paylines on the 6×4 grid. The potential winnings can be significant, with players having the opportunity to win up to 12,000 times their stake in a single round. 

This high payout is often achievable in the game’s bonus round, activated by landing scatter symbols. 

The presence of multipliers, particularly during the bonus features, can dramatically increase the payouts. 

Large wins are also possible during standard gameplay, especially when high-value symbols like the princess slot character or other major anime-themed symbols line up favorably.

Eternal Clash RTP & Volatility

The game operates with medium volatility and has an RTP (Return to Player) of around 92.7% to 95.7%, depending on the version. Betting ranges from 0.10 to 40.00 per spin, and it offers a unique feature where you can win up to 12,000 times your stake. The Showdown Spins feature serves as the central bonus round of the game, where characters fight each other on a specialized grid, and swords can enhance allied characters with additional attack power and multipliers.

“Eternal Clash” caters to fans of Asian animation and those who enjoy the fusion of slot gaming with an immersive narrative experience. It’s available to play on PCs and mobile devices at various online casinos.

How to Play Eternal Clash

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Starting the Game: You start with 1000 hearts. These hearts represent the game’s life and decrease if the conditions for preserving them are not met during the spins.

Decrease of Hearts:

  • You lose hearts if the left reel spins and no heroes are present to face an enemy.
  • The number of lost hearts depends on the enemy: losing 180 hearts for stronger enemies or 45 for weaker ones.

Reels in Motion: Press the START button to begin. The game then operates automatically, with the left reel for heroes and the right for enemies.

Understanding the Reels: There are two reels: one on the left for heroes (Gaia, Arcanos, and Grimerra)  and one on the right for enemies ( Shadow, Gillsbane, Infernix, Blazethorn, and Corruptus).

Hero Appearances and Swords:

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Heroes may appear on the left reel with a set number of swords:

  • Gaia starts with 50 swords.
  • Arcanos starts with 100 swords.
  • Grimerra starts with 200 swords.
  • When the left reel spins and a sword appears, the swords for the present heroes are doubled.

Each hero gains five swords when the right reel spins and no enemies appear.

Automatic Battles: Battles occur when an enemy appears on the right reel and a hero is present on the left reel. If no hero appears to counter the enemy, the heart count decreases.

Defeating Enemies and Scoring Points. Enemies require a certain number of swords to be defeated:

  • Shadow: 25 swords, grants 100 points.
  • Gillsbane: 100 swords, grants 200 points.
  • Infernix: 250 swords, grants 500 points.
  • Blazethorn: 500 swords, grants 5,000 points.
  • Corruptus: 700 swords, grants 50,000 points.
  • When a hero defeats an enemy, the required swords are subtracted from their total, and you earn points.

Game Progression:

  • After pressing the START button, the game runs automatically.
  • The reels spin continuously, with heroes and enemies appearing as the game’s programming dictates.
  • There is no pause or intervention; the game continues until all hearts are depleted.

Game Over:

  • The game ends when you run out of hearts.
  • You will see a summary of how many enemies of each type were defeated and the total points scored.

The gameplay of “Eternal Clash” is designed to be a non-interactive experience once started, where the pre-set conditions and the random sequence of the reels determine the outcome. Players watch the events unfold and hope for favorable matchups between heroes and enemies to maximize their score before the hearts run out.

How to Win at Eternal Clash

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Winning at “Eternal Clash Slot,” an anime-themed slot game that draws inspiration from epic TV series, involves understanding the ebb and flow of the game’s mechanics.

Firstly, acknowledge that “Eternal Clash” is a slot machine game at its core, which means the outcomes are largely based on luck. However, familiarizing yourself with its anime slots’ unique features can increase your enjoyment and potential to win.

Know Your Reel Symbols: Each hero and enemy in this anime slot game has a specific role. Understand which symbols are more valuable. For example, a sword symbol will double your hero’s sword count.

Free Spins: Although “Eternal Clash” operates differently from traditional free spins in casino games, knowing how the reels work can simulate a free spin-like experience by maximizing your hero’s sword count, which is akin to increasing your chances without additional cost.

Themed Advantages: Themed slots like “Eternal Clash” often have unique gameplay elements. Understanding how these themed elements interact, such as the doubling of swords when a particular anime symbol appears, is key.

Real Money Strategy: If you’re playing for real money, manage your bankroll wisely. Since players can’t intervene in the slot’s operation, setting a budget and sticking to it is crucial.

RTP and Volatility: Check the game’s RTP (Return to Player) and volatility. While not specific to “Eternal Clash,” higher RTP slot machines and medium volatility offer the best balance for longevity and reward.

Enjoy the Anime Experience: Part of what makes anime slots like “Eternal Clash” engaging is their connection to anime culture. Immerse yourself in the storyline and visuals. While this doesn’t increase your chances of winning, it enhances the playing experience.

Pros & Cons

  1. Thematic Appeal: For anime fans, “Eternal Clash” offers a rich, visually engaging experience with characters and narratives that resonate with the genre.
  2. Unique Gameplay: Unlike traditional slot machines, “Eternal Clash” introduces innovative mechanics like battling heroes and enemies, adding a layer of strategy and excitement.
  3. Special Features: The game includes special symbols that can double sword counts or trigger bonus rounds, offering dynamic gameplay beyond the standard reel spins.
  4. Progress Tracking: Players can keep tabs on their success against various enemies, adding a sense of progression and achievement to the casino experience.
  5. Potential for Big Wins: With the inclusion of enemies like Corruptus, which offers significant point rewards, players have the chance to achieve substantial wins.
  1. Complexity for Newcomers: Players unfamiliar with such detailed mechanics might find “Eternal Clash” overwhelming compared to more straightforward slot games.
  2. Lack of Control: The game operates on an auto-spin mechanism with no pause function, which means players have no direct influence once the game starts.
  3. RNG-Dependent: The reliance on Random Number Generators (RNG) for outcomes means strategy has little impact, which might deter players from seeking more control over their gameplay.
  4. Risk of Rapid Loss: With hearts decreasing on non-hero spins, there’s a potential for quick losses, which could be a drawback for those with smaller bankrolls.
  5. Limited Interaction: The absence of interactive elements like traditional free spins or gambling features may reduce engagement for players who enjoy a more hands-on approach to slot gaming.


“Eternal Clash” offers a unique blend of anime-inspired aesthetics and unconventional gameplay mechanics that diverge from traditional slots. The game’s vivid imagery and thematic depth are a treat for anime enthusiasts and those looking for a novel slot experience. Its innovative system of heroes battling enemies introduces a narrative-driven, strategic element to the gameplay, a refreshing take on the slot genre.

However, the game’s complexity and the automated nature of the reel spins may not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer a more straightforward or interactive gambling experience. The fast-paced action and potential for rapid loss of hearts without player intervention could be seen as a downside for the more conservative player or those new to the genre.

Nevertheless, “Eternal Clash” is a compelling addition to the anime-themed slot niche, promising a rich, immersive experience packed with excitement and the chance for significant wins. While it may not cater to all preferences due to its intricate mechanics and lack of direct player control, it offers a distinct and engaging experience that could be highly rewarding for players who appreciate its unique charm and are willing to embrace its fast-paced, RNG-driven battles.


“Eternal Clash” is an anime-themed slot game that combines traditional slot mechanics with a unique battle system, where heroes fight against enemies on the reels. Unlike typical slots, it includes a narrative element and automatic reel spins that depend on the outcomes of these battles.

Yes, “Eternal Clash” offers a free play version, allowing players to try the game without risking real money. This feature is a great way to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and features.

Key features include the hero vs. enemy battle mechanic, automatic spinning reels based on battle outcomes, various unique characters with different sword counts, and special conditions that affect gameplay, such as doubling swords or losing hearts.

Winning in “Eternal Clash” involves defeating enemies by matching heroes with sufficient swords on the reels. The game continues until all hearts are depleted, with winnings calculated based on the number and type of enemies defeated.

Since “Eternal Clash” is largely RNG (random number generator) based, there’s limited strategy involved. However, understanding the game mechanics, such as how heroes and enemies interact and how hearts and swords are lost or gained, can enhance your experience.

“Eternal Clash” does not follow traditional slot bonuses or free spins. Instead, it offers unique gameplay features like the doubling of swords and automatic battles that serve as a bonus round, providing additional ways to win.

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