LuckyLand Slots is a legal US-based social casino and sweepstakes-based gaming site, that operates in all states of America except for The State Of Washington. They offer dozens of slot games as well as instant win games that give you an opportunity to win cash prizes.

Luckyland Slots operates similarly to other sweepstakes gaming sites such as Global Poker and Chumba Casino because they give you a chance to play casino games after which you can redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. In this way, Luckyland Slots can legally provide an online social gambling platform for customers living in the USA.

Players from the US do not have better options when it comes to online casinos that offer bonuses.

When compared to other online sweepstakes casinos Luckyland falls short with its meager variety of slot games, zero table games, and zero live dealer offerings.

But as the proverb goes “every cloud has a silver lining”, well the silver lining here is that even though the number of games offered is quite tiny they are all developed by and for LuckyLand slots and prizes are redeemable, as a matter of fact, it can be deposited directly into your US bank account, and if you desire to make a payment to LuckyLand Slots you only need to sign in to your bank account and pay. In addition, you can claim 10 free sweeps coins after creating your LuckyLand Slots account.

The majority of gamblers who choose to play at Luckyland Slots do so because it is a legal casino, it is based in the USA and it is convenient for making purchases and redeeming prizes directly to and from their bank account.


After signing up and verifying your new account on LuckyLand Slots website you will be able to claim 10 free Sweeps Coins, with which you can play free slots or you can redeem them for cash prizes.

This is how it all works, upon signing up you will need to provide your mobile number and then select the option via which you would like to confirm your identity. The options available are phone calls or text messages. Whichever option you choose does not make much of a difference because you will receive a code which you will then enter in a space bar on your screen. When you would have completed this step,10 free Sweeps Coins will be immediately credited to your account.

10 Free SC is gifted to all new players upon verification of their mobile number at LuckyLand Slots.

LuckyLand also rewards its players with free Sweeps Coins for logging in to their accounts daily.

Important: For the first six days, players receive 0.30 Sweeps Coin each day, and on the seventh day only 1 Sweep Coin. 

In addition to the 10 free `welcome Sweeps Coins, newcomers to LuckyLand Slots can earn free daily Sweeps Coins without making any purchases. This page will keep you up to date on your free bonus.


Newcomers to LuckyLand Slots do also get access to a discount on their First Purchase.

This discount is, instead of purchasing 50,000 coins, for $9.98, the new player will instead pay $4.99 with an additional 10 Sweeps Coins as a token.

Remember that these Sweep Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Another way to earn Sweep Coins at LuckyLand Slots is by making a big purchase.

  • Purchase of $19.99 = 21 Free Bonus Sweep Coins,
  • Purchase of $99.99 =104 Free Bonus Sweep Coins

Some may consider this too small an amount but at least it’s free.

Loyalty Offers

Your LuckyLand Slots level increases with every game you play and as your level increases the amount of Gold Coins you receive when you make a purchase, also increases.

As you climb the loyalty ladder at LuckyLand, the bigger your perks will grow. Unfortunately, you will not be able to cash in these perks.

  • Levels 1 to 19 – 188% bonus on $99.99 Gold Coins purchase
  • Level 20 to 49 – 250% bonus on $99.99 Gold Coins purchase
  • Level 300- 450% bonus on $99.99 Gold Coins purchase

There are no other free Sweep Coins offered at LuckyLand Casino apart from what was mentioned earlier in this review. LuckyLand Slots do give away a huge amount of free Gold Coins but unfortunately, you will not be able to cash in Gold Coins only Sweep Coins.


At LuckyLand Slots, you can not make deposits as with other online casinos, instead, you will need to purchase Gold Coins, and these purchases as a result will have free bonus Sweeps Coins attached to them.

Gold Coins are used to play games for free, on the other hand, Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for real cash prizes.

This is how you purchase LuckyLand Slots. First, you need to locate the Buy button which can be found at the top of the screen. By clicking on this button you will be taken to the LuckyLand Store where Gold Coins are available for purchase at different prices. The more you spend on Gold Coins you purchase, the greater your sum of free Sweeps Coins will be.

For example:

  • 2000 Gold Coins cost $.99
  • 4000 Gold Coins cost $1.98 (+ 2 Free Sweep Coins)
  • 17,000 Gold Coins cost $5.49 (+ 5 Free Sweep Coins)
  • 37,000 Gold Coins cost $9.99 (+ 10 Free Sweep Coins)
  • 80,000 Gold Coins cost $19.99 (+ 21Free Sweep Coins)
  • 576,000 Gold Coins cost $99.99 (+104 Free Sweep Coins)

You do not need a promo code to activate your additional Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, claim, they are automatically deposited to your account whenever you make a purchase.

Whenever you purchase Gold Coins you will earn free Sweeps Coins. Sweep Coins are redeemed for cash prizes.


After selecting the quantity of Gold Coins you want to purchase, you will immediately be taken to the payment screen which will display several payment options.

To access online banking you only need to log in to your account and pay for your coins. It is by far the easiest way to carry out transactions at LuckyLand Slots and is a payment method that is highly recommended by other players. Online banking is the easiest purchase method at LuckyLand Slots. From your display screen, simply log into your online banking account and place your order.

There are a large number of banks customers can use to carry out their transactions e.g Chase, TD Bank, Capital One,and Bank of America to name a few.

There are other purchasing options available for customers who do not want to use online banking. These options are as follows:

  • Instant ACH
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover)
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard

LuckyLand accepts payment from any bank as well as all types of credit cards.


he more games you play at LuckyLand Slots using Sweeps Coins equals more cash prizes to be won.

The minimum Sweeps Coins, you need to accumulate before you can redeem them for cash prizes is 50 Sweep Coins.

LukcyLand will only transfer your winnings to your bank account even if you made your purchase using another method of payment like a credit card or skrill etc. The redeemable Sweep coins are 50 which will be directly deposited to your bank account in the form of cash prizes.

It goes without saying but the advantage of having your cash prizes deposited directly into your bank account are a life saver compared to having to sell crypto or cash a foreign check.

Banks can take from 3 to 5 business days to process and allow you to access your winnings. LuckyLand usually processes redemption prizes within 24 hours.

Identity Verification

The documents required for verification and processing of redemption prizes at LuckyLand Slots are a valid form of ID and a bank statement. You will only need to present these documents once and your information will be safely stored for future reference. Some players are not keen on providing these documents, however, it is the standard for every online gambling platform referred to as KYC (Know Your Customer) and casinos can only transfer funds to player’s accounts after the verification process is complete.


LuckyLand Slots only offer games that were developed particularly for their casino known as proprietary games. This may be a huge deal breaker for many slot enthusiasts, however , there are a wide variety of unique and fun titles available. If you are one who frequents the brick-and-mortar casinos, you will be able to easily spot the similarities between slot games at WinStar Casino and Resort, and LuckyLand Slots.

Mayan Gold is one of LuckyLand Slots’’ proprietary games.

Social Gaming Experience

The only social gaming experience you get at LuckyLand Slots is that of social media e.g Facebook. By using the Facebook platform you can invite your friends to join LuckyLands Slots, communicate via the messaging app, and share free spins with them every day.

The Tournaments may be the most exciting aspect of LuckyLand Slots’’ social gaming experience. Your opponents are usually other LuckyLand Slots players and you can win either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. Prizes may vary but can start at 3 million Gold Coins and you may also be the lucky winner of 300 Sweeps Coins.

During LuckyLand’s tournaments, players compete for the prize of Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins.


Like most social casinos, LuckyLand Slots’’ design is over the top. Some players may find their main lobby overwhelmingly busy. Nevertheless, you will find every feature that is needed when playing in one place. The designs at LuckyLand are outdated, overcrowded and simply over the top, nevertheless, everything you need is in one place.

The designs here are a bit comical, juvenile, cartoonish and of course date. Casinos no longer gravitate to this look but rather they choose more modern designs. Nowadays these styles of graphics are only found in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Gamblers who are accustomed to playing at real-money online casinos will laugh and scuff at LuckyLands design interface.

Mobile Casino

It is better to play LuckyLand Slots games on a desktop instead of mobile devices, as loading time can take as long as forever.

LuckyLand only has an app for Android devices which can be downloaded directly from their website, however, the casino games are compatible with any mobile iOS or browser.

After testing LuckyLand Slots games via their app and also on the browser, I can conclude that it is much better to play using the app. With the app there are no downloading delays, freezes,, or glitches, every feature functions smoothly. LuckyLand’s Android app allows for a better gaming experience than playing on a browser.

I made the mistake of using my iPhone to play on LuckyLand’s website, and I must say that it was an awful mistake. Every time I tried to open the website, it automatically came off and I was left with no other option but to reopen the website on several occasions. When I finally succeeded in getting to LuckyLand lobby, my browser simply crashed. I did not take this as a defeat and so I tried once again after my browser automatically reloaded. This time the casino lobby took approximately 30 seconds to load. The mobile browser appears to be quite similar to the desktop version.


LuckyLand Slots offer a little over 40 games to customers which when compared to it competitors is like a single raindrop in the Atlantic ocean. However, because these games are in-house games you will not be able to play them anywhere else and LuckyLand does not need permission from game providers to authorize them to use their games. Even though most of the games are slot games, there are a few scratch card games as well as lottery games.

Key Takeaways

  • The proprietary slots at LuckyLand were fun to play, they made me think back to the times I spent playing more complicated games at other casinos.
  • LuckyLand only has an app for Android devices which can be downloaded directly from their website, however, the casino games are compatible with any mobile iOS or browser.
  • During LuckyLand’s tournaments, players compete for the prize of Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins.
  • In addition to the 10 free `welcome Sweeps Coins, newcomers to LuckyLand Slots can earn free daily Sweeps Coins without making any purchases.

The proprietary slots at LuckyLand were fun to play, they made me think back to the times I spent playing more complicated games at other casinos.

I would say that approximately 80% of the games can be categorized as classic slot games with paying features. There are no Megaways slots, cluster pay slots, or any type of slots title created outside of LuckyLand Slots. Every game has its unique bonus feature and a specific theme to provide a little bit of variety and interest for players to not become bored.

Classic table games like Blackjack, live dealer, roulette, and baccarat are not available at LuckyLand, and this also may be a deal breaker for most players. LuckyLand’s specialty games are mostly exotic slot games

At LuckyLand you can enjoy a game of Lucky Numbers and win some instant prizes Player Support

There are only two ways in which customers can get help at LuckyLand Slots, the first is by emailing [email protected], and the second is by reading their FAQ page.

I find it very disappointing that LuckyLand Slots does not have a live chat or phone number to be able to connect customers easier and faster to the customer support team, what a shame.

The FAQ page does cover a lot of the most frequently asked questions but obviously not all and communication via email does take some time to obtain a response. Nevertheless, I would advise players to always consult the FAQ page before reaching out for help via email. Not to mention that even if you do get a reply via email, the customer service staff may be very impolite and you may even be denied your payout.

To conclude I would not recommend LuckyLand slots, it does not make it to my list of top-rated casinos and I do believe that players have hundreds of better options, there is no need to settle for less.

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