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Choosing the right casino to place your bets is not to be taken lightly. In online gambling, the stakes are high, and the choices are plenty. With this in mind, we offer an in-depth review of one such digital gaming platform – Cloudbet Casino. This review is designed to provide you with all the necessary insights to make an informed decision regarding your online gaming experience.

Cloudbet Casino is a well-known name in the realm of cryptocurrency-based online casinos. Its offerings range from a sportsbook, and esports betting, to a plethora of casino games. 

However, what makes a platform stand out in the crowd? 

What key aspects must one consider when choosing a casino to gamble? 

These are the questions we will be answering in this comprehensive review.

We will delve into the heart of the user experience, exploring the quality of customer support and the efficiency of document verification processes. After all, responsive and competent customer support is the backbone of any online casino, ensuring seamless transactions and swift conflict resolution.

Moreover, we will assess the transaction speed, particularly focusing on withdrawal times. A timely withdrawal process is a crucial factor for any player, as it directly impacts the liquidity of their winnings.

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Next, we will scrutinize the fairness and transparency of the games offered. We will study the underlying algorithms and assess whether the games are fair or designed to ensure player losses in the long run.

Lastly, we’ll investigate the platform’s security measures because when it comes to online gambling, the safety of your deposits should never be compromised.

So, fasten your seat belts as we navigate the world of Cloudbet Casino, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses and helping you decide if it’s the right gambling platform for you.

Cloudbet Casino General Aspects

Cloudbet Casino, a pioneer in online cryptocurrency casinos, is known for its comprehensive gambling offerings, including a sportsbook, esports betting, and various casino games. 

The casino was Launched in 2013 and has evolved over the years, earning itself licensing in two countries and a place in the heart of many crypto-gaming enthusiasts. However, as with any platform of this magnitude, it invites a spectrum of reviews, ranging from rave endorsements to severe criticisms.

This sophisticated gambling platform is Owned and operated by Halcyon Super Holdings BV; it operates out of the sunny island of Curaçao, adhering to the strict regulations set by the Government of Curaçao under the gaming license 1668/JAZ.

When you land on the homepage, you are greeted by a clean and intuitive design. The layout is uncluttered and straightforward, designed to guide novice and experienced users easily. The color scheme is pleasing, offering a visually soothing backdrop to your gaming exploits.

Moreover, Cloudbet ensures that vital information is always at your fingertips. Whether you are interested in checking the details of the generous welcome bonus or wish to explore the platform’s commitment to fair gaming, all necessary information is readily accessible and easy to comprehend.

Thanks to its well-organized menu, navigating Cloudbet’s diverse game offerings is a breeze.

Cloudbet’s comprehensive catalog of games is designed to cater to a wide array of gaming preferences, promising an engaging gaming experience. The platform offers a plethora of gaming options, including, but not limited to, traditional casino games, esports betting, and a sportsbook. Each game, meticulously designed and well-presented, offers a unique opportunity for entertainment and potential winnings.

Cloudbet takes the issue of fair gaming seriously. The platform adheres to a rigorous, fair gaming policy, ensuring all its games operate on transparent and fair algorithms. 

This commitment to fairness extends beyond mere words, as the platform is continuously monitored and audited to ensure compliance.

Regarding payment options, Cloudbet has embraced the future with open arms. Apart from traditional banking methods, this platform stands out with its support for cryptocurrency transactions. Some payment methods are managed by its wholly owned subsidiary, Solas Technologies Limited, based in Cyprus, further attesting to the platform’s global operations and commitment to user convenience.

Safety and security are paramount at Cloudbet. The platform employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect user data and financial transactions.

Cloudbet understands that trust is a cornerstone of the online gambling experience and hence, spares no effort in safeguarding user interests.

The efficiency and professionalism of Cloudbet’s customer support have earned it high praise among its user base. Finally, its dedicated customer support team is the cherry on the Cloudbet experience. The team is available round the clock and eager to assist users with any queries or issues they might encounter during their gaming journey.

  • Crypto-Friendly: Cloudbet Casino welcomes a wide range of cryptocurrencies, making it an attractive platform for the crypto-savvy gambler
  • Variety of Games: With thousands of games, Cloudbet Casino offers an extensive selection that caters to various gaming preferences
  • Sports and Esports Betting: Besides casino games, Cloudbet provides the added thrill of sports and esports betting, widening the betting scope for its users
  • Welcome Bonus: New users receive an enticing 100% sign-up bonus, enhancing the initial gaming experience
  • Secure and Fair Gaming: Cloudbet has a robust, fair gaming policy, including Random Number Generators (RNGs) and regular game monitoring, ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment
  • Transaction Charges: Cloudbet reserves the right to apply a handling charge of up to 5% on deposits and withdrawals to cover transaction costs. This additional cost may deter some users
  • Account Suspension: Cloudbet may suspend player accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months, which may be inconvenient for infrequent users
  • Game Contribution to Bonuses: Not all games contribute equally to bonus wagering requirements. For instance, slot games might contribute 100% while others contribute significantly less or even 0%. This con may limit player choices if they want to make the most out of their bonuses

Who can play at Cloudbet Casino?

Navigating the world of online gaming can often feel like traversing a global map, with each casino offering its unique set of destination points. In the case of Cloudbet Casino, the platform opens its virtual doors to gaming enthusiasts from a wide array of countries. However, being aware of the few geographical restrictions is equally important.

While Cloudbet Casino has established a strong presence in over 100 countries, certain regions, unfortunately, do not have access to this dynamic online gaming hub. Specifically, residents of the United States of America and its territories, the United Kingdom, China, Macau, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Curaçao, Belgium, and the Netherlands, cannot partake in the Cloudbet experience due to regional restrictions.

However, you’re in luck if you don’t find your country on this list! Cloudbet Casino extends a warm welcome to players from a plethora of other global locations. Whether in Australia, Zambia, India, Iceland, Brazil, or Botswana, Cloudbet offers a thrilling online gaming experience with an impressive selection of games, secure cryptocurrency transactions, and dedicated customer support.

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What Makes Cloudbet Casino Unique and Attractive?

Cloudbet Casino has carved a unique niche for itself in the online gaming sphere, offering a variety of features that make it stand out from the competition.

Here are some key aspects that make Cloudbet Casino attractive to gaming enthusiasts:​​

User-Friendly Interface: One notable feature of Cloudbet’s user interface is its seamless integration of cryptocurrency transactions. As a digital currency-focused platform, Cloudbet has ensured that managing your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies is as easy and secure as possible. From depositing funds to placing bets, each step is facilitated by a user-friendly transaction interface.

Cryptocurrency Focus: Cloudbet Casino exclusively accepts digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin, USDT, and Gold Coin for betting, deposits, and withdrawals. This focus on cryptocurrencies allows for fast, secure, and transparent transactions, appealing to those who prefer to keep their gaming activities separate from traditional banking channels. 

Global Reach: Cloudbet Casino has established its presence in over 100 countries, enabling gaming enthusiasts worldwide to access its platform and engage with its diverse gaming offerings.

How to Use Cloudbet Casino

Registration and Deposit 

Using Cloudbet Casino is a straightforward process that involves two main steps: Registration and Deposit. Here’s how to get started:


  1. Visit the Cloudbet Casino Website: Head to the official Cloudbet Casino website. This journey will take you to the homepage, where you’ll find various options.
  2. Create an Account: Look for the “Join” tab at the webpage’s top right corner. Click on it to start the registration process.
  3. Fill Out the Registration Form: You’ll be presented with a form asking for you to Join using “GOOGLE,” “Facebook,” or “ Github,” or to provide an email address and a password and to confirm that you are of legal gambling age. Click the “Join” button and then proceed. 
  4. Accept Terms and Conditions: Before proceeding, you must agree to Cloudbet Casino’s Terms and Conditions. Read these carefully to understand the platform’s rules and regulations.
  5. Verify Your Account: After completing the form, click the verification link sent to your email to confirm your account. This step is crucial to ensure your account’s security and prevent fraudulent activities.


  1. Log into Your Account: Once your account is verified, sign in using “GOOGLE,’’ “Facebook,” or “Github,” with your email or newly created nickname and password.
  2. Navigate to the Deposit Section: Look for a “Deposit” button in the user dashboard or account settings section.
  3. Select Your Preferred Cryptocurrency: Cloudbet Casino accepts digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin, USDT, and Gold Coin. Select the one that suits your preferences.
  4. Transfer Funds: You’ll receive a unique wallet address for the chosen cryptocurrency. Transfer your funds to this address. The transaction speed may vary based on the cryptocurrency network’s congestion level.
  5. Confirm Your Balance: Your Cloudbet Casino account balance should reflect the deposited amount once the transaction is confirmed. You’re now ready to explore the various games Cloudbet Casino offers.

Cloudbet Casino Games

The platform hosts many games, including Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Table Games, Slots, and several sports like Boxing, American Football, Handball, Cricket, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, etc. Each category of games is conveniently listed, allowing you to jump from one gaming adventure to another with a simple click.

Casino Games

Baccarat provides a thrilling game of chance where the player and the banker face off. The game’s simplicity belies the suspense and excitement it generates with every turn of the card.

On the other hand, Blackjack is a strategic game where the goal is to hit 21 or get as close to it as possible without going over. The key is to outwit the dealer and avoid busting. With a blend of luck and strategy, each round is filled with anticipation.

Roulette, with its spinning wheel and bouncing ball, offers a quintessential casino experience. When the wheel starts spinning, the excitement reaches a fever pitch. Bet on red or black, even or odd, high or low, or choose other wagering options.

The slots section is particularly engaging, with themes ranging from traditional fruit machines to intricate video slots with immersive storylines and innovative features. 

Sports Betting

If you’re a sports enthusiast, Cloudbet’s sports betting platform is a treasure trove of excitement. Offering a wide range of sports, including Boxing, American Football, Handball, Cricket, Football, Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball, it caters to fans of all stripes.

Boxing aficionados can bet on their favorite fighters, while American Football fans can wager on the NFL’s thrilling matches. Handball and Cricket offer further variety, each with unique betting opportunities.

Soccer lovers are in for a treat with multiple leagues and tournaments available for betting. The action never stops; whether it’s the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, or the World Cup, it never stops. 

Similarly, Tennis and Basketball fans can place bets on major tournaments like the ATP, WTA, and NBA.


The variety of games on Cloudbet may not be as good as on other sites, but players can find the most common casino attractions, such as slots and table games. In addition, they have a live casino section, and the great advantage of Cloudbet: sports betting. With a huge number of live betting options, as well as several pre-match betting markets, those who like to bet on sports will find a good place here.
It is incredibly easy to use Cloudbet, with users accessing the various sections of the site without any problems, with easy-to-access links at the top of each page. In the casino section, players can select the type of game for ease.
There are many slot games to choose from on Cloudbet, with players being able to choose from many types easily. Scrolling through the games is easy and enjoyable, not least because the games are already there and are not being loaded gradually as you scroll the page. Anyway, they have a multitude of options to be played.
When it comes to payments, players can also expect good things from Cloudbet. Most transactions are completed automatically, with extremely fast payments for players who wish to receive their money on the spot.

Cloudbet Casino Review – Bonuses and Promotions

Cloudbet Casino’s captivating array of bonuses and promotions creates abundant opportunities for players to amplify their winnings and delight in the thrill of the chase. From a generous welcome bonus to an exciting loyalty program, each feature of the promotional landscape is designed to enhance the gaming experience.

Welcome Bonus 

New players at Cloudbet are heartily welcomed with a 100% deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC, a sumptuous starting point that promises ample playing capital right from the start. To qualify for this bonus, you must deposit a minimum of 0.001 BTC or its equivalent. This warm welcome is a fitting introduction to the adventure that awaits within the casino’s digital halls.

Free Spins Tuesdays

As the week rolls on, Tuesdays bring a refreshing windfall of free spins. This promotion injects a dose of excitement into the midweek routine, providing a chance to score some extra winnings. By depositing €20 or more, players earn 20 free spins, adding a delightful twist to their gaming adventures.

The Golden Era Tournament 

With a staggering €150,000 prize pool, the Golden Era Tournament is a fierce and thrilling competition. Players bet €0.20 or more per round on popular games across 11 rounds, collecting points. Finish among the top players to secure a share of up to €25,000 per round. This tournament evokes the golden age of gaming, offering players a chance to experience the thrill of competition and the joy of victory.

Cloudbet’s Loyalty Club

Cloudbet’s Loyalty Club is a testament to the casino’s commitment to rewarding players. Those who engage in their favorite games earn Lightning Points, Cloudbet’s unique currency. The club features six tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby. Climbing these tiers mirrors your gaming journey.

Patrons can redeem Lightning Points in the Cloudbet Marketplace for many enticing rewards. 

The choice is yours, from free spins with zero wagering requirements to sports bonuses, the choice is yours. For the high-rollers and dream-chasers, there’s even the opportunity to redeem points for a brand-new Lamborghini! This splendid reward program ensures that every bet contributes to your journey, and every game could bring you closer to fabulous prizes. 

Cloudbet Casino Wagering Requirements

Cloudbet Casino’s wagering requirements ensure a balanced and fair gaming experience, guiding how players can claim their winnings from the various bonuses and promotions. Here’s an engaging summary of these requirements, packed with all the essential details you need to know.

Welcome Bonus

The wagering requirements are tied to the point system for the Welcome Bonus. This system allows you to unlock your bonus gradually as you play. For every 150 points earned, an increment of the bonus gets released.

Different games contribute differently to the wagering requirements. Slot games contribute 100%, except for selected games which contribute 0%. 

On the other hand, Live Casino games and Table Games contribute 10%, with some exceptions again contributing 0%. This variance means playing different games will release your bonus at different rates.

Once your account is activated, you have 60 days to earn all the Casino Welcome Bonus points needed to release your bonus. This time limit ensures a steady pace of play and adds extra excitement to your gaming journey.

Free Spins Tuesdays

For the Free Spins Tuesdays promotion, bonus funds must be wagered 25 times before becoming available to withdraw. After being credited, these bonus funds are available for seven days. To withdraw winnings, deposit at least one mBTC or currency equivalent. This strategy ensures a fair balance between receiving bonuses and contributing to the casino.

For winnings from the Crypto Arcade promotion, a minimum deposit of 50 Euros (or equivalent currency) is required before you can withdraw. This requirement is set to ensure a level of fairness in the casino.

Cloudbet’s Loyalty Rewards

As part of Cloudbet’s Loyalty Rewards, you have the unique opportunity to buy non-deposit bonuses. You can even choose the bonus value and customize the wagering requirement! This innovative feature allows you to tailor your bonuses to your preferences, creating a truly personalized gaming experience.

In essence, Cloudbet’s wagering requirements maintain a fair and balanced gaming environment while offering players the chance to strategize their play and make the most of their bonuses. Understanding these requirements is key to optimizing your gameplay and maximizing your rewards at Cloudbet Casino.

Cloudbet Casino Payment Methods

Cloudbet Casino provides a rich array of payment options, making it one of the most flexible online casinos in the cryptocurrency sphere [[source needed]]. Let’s explore these options in detail, delivering a well-rounded understanding of what each one brings to your gaming experience.

Cryptocurrency Options

Cloudbet Casino supports a staggering range of cryptocurrencies, making it a truly inclusive platform for crypto enthusiasts. 

The list spans industry heavyweights like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to newer, exciting options like TRON, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche C-Chain, Solana, and Polygon.

Other cryptocurrencies supported include Terra Classic, Stellar, Ripple, Zcash, Fantom, Arbitrum, EOSIO, and Polkadot. 

Rounding out the selection are Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash, Algorand, and Cardano. 

This diverse selection ensures that whatever your cryptocurrency preference, Cloudbet Casino has got you covered.

Withdrawal Fees

To ensure transparency and fairness in transactions, Cloudbet Casino applies withdrawal fees. These fees range from a minimum of 0.00000158 Litecoins to a maximum of 570244.81596747 Ethereum. This range of fees ensures that withdrawals are processed securely and efficiently, and the variance caters to small-scale players and high-rollers.

Cloudbet Casino Fair Gaming Policies and Procedures

Cloudbet Casino takes pride in the integrity and fairness of its games, understanding how important these aspects are to all players. Key to ensuring this fairness is using Random Number Generators (RNG) in all games, including but not limited to Slots, Roulette, and Blackjack. Not only are these RNGs employed, but they’re also externally certified and rigorously tested before they’re launched live on the site.

All games on the platform are continuously monitored for any discrepancies. If any are found, appropriate action is promptly taken. This vigilance ensures that players can engage in games knowing they’re in a fair and honest environment.

Further enhancing the transparency of the gaming experience is the accessibility of the theoretical RTP (Return to Player) on all games. Players can find this information within each game’s ‘information’ or ‘help’ sections. To ensure that the ‘Actual RTPs’ of the games remain close to their ‘Theoretical RTPs,’ Cloudbet conducts quarterly analyses. This rigorous monitoring guarantees that the games are performing as advertised and expected.

Moreover, the ‘RNG’ provided by Cloudbet’s software suppliers is externally tested and certified as random and fair by independent test houses. These test houses meet the highest standards required by the regulator, further solidifying the fairness of the games.

‘Live gaming’ is another aspect Cloudbet holds to the highest standards. These games are carried out in strictly controlled studios and are fully recorded and monitored. This approach allows statistical performance checking, similar to software ‘RNG gaming. 

While live dealers occasionally make mistakes in handling cards or spinning a wheel, any errors should be immediately apparent to all players and supervisors and can be checked.

In the event of any issues, customers are advised to contact the Live Casino ‘Pit Boss’ using the chat function on Live games or Customer Services via Live Chat, email, or telephone. It is recommended that customers note down the game ID to ensure that Customer Services can respond quickly and efficiently.  

Safety and Security at Cloudbet Casino

Cloudbet Casino places the utmost importance on the safety and security of its patrons. The data controller at Cloudbet.com is Halcyon Super Holdings BV, tasked with protecting clients’ data, a role they perform with diligent precision to ensure user information is safeguarded.

The Company has a stringent Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) Policy. This policy aims not just to conform to regulatory requirements but to actively foster a safe and secure gaming environment for its customers. This policy ensures robust internal procedures and mechanisms are in place to prevent nefarious activities such as money laundering, terrorist financing, drug and human trafficking, corruption, and bribery.

In any suspicious activity, the company takes immediate and decisive action. This proactive stance towards detecting and mitigating potential risks underscores the company’s commitment to maintaining a secure platform where customers can enjoy their gaming experience with peace of mind.

Customer Service Cloudbet Casino 

Customer Service at Cloudbet Casino is committed to swiftly and effectively resolving any queries or issues patrons may encounter. Upon reaching out with a concern, an advisor will log your communication, delve into the specifics of your inquiry, and respond accordingly.

However, if the initial response does not resolve your issue, Cloudbet provides an adequate escalation process to address your concerns. It involves referring the matter in writing to the Head of Customer Support at the email address: [email protected]. This higher level of service ensures that every concern is taken seriously and addressed with attention and authority.

In addition, to email support, Cloudbet offers live chat support, providing a real-time platform for customers to communicate with support staff, fostering an environment of instant engagement and quick issue resolution.

In essence, Cloudbet Casino’s customer service philosophy is driven by a commitment to thorough and prompt resolution of customer concerns, with multiple layers of support and multiple modes of communication to ensure a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Customer Reviews

From the perspective of satisfied customers, Cloudbet Casino is lauded for its prompt and efficient customer support, with team members such as Romeo, Alice, and Peter earning special mentions for their dedication and assistance in KYC document verification. These patrons commend the platform’s speedy transaction processing, claiming that withdrawals are executed within an hour. The ease of use, accessibility, and variety of gaming options are other factors that contribute to the positive experiences of some users. For instance, one player joyously reported winning 1 BTC while playing roulette, while others extolled the platform’s sportsbook for its competitive odds and user-friendly interface.

Contrarily, a section of Cloudbet’s user base is dissatisfied. Some users have accused the platform of fraudulent practices, citing instances where their accounts were abruptly deactivated, particularly after making some profit. These users have expressed their frustration about the lack of response from Cloudbet, even after providing the requested documentation. 

The platform’s games have been criticized as ‘scripted’ with a few players advising newcomers to steer clear of certain games, implying they are designed to ensure player losses in the long run. 

Customer support also falls under scrutiny, with specific members like Stefano facing disapproval for his perceived incompetence.

It’s essential to mention the contrasting reviews about Cloudbet’s withdrawal process. While some users praised its speed, others voiced serious concerns about being unable to withdraw their earnings, alleging the platform traps deposited cryptocurrency, irrespective of game outcomes.


Cloudbet Casino blends the thrill of gambling with the comfort of digital technology, creating an engaging, secure, and fair platform for online gaming enthusiasts around the globe.

In essence, Cloudbet Casino promises a dynamic gaming experience. Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of casino games or the strategic thrill of sports betting, Cloudbet has something to keep you engaged and entertained.

Cloudbet Casino’s bonuses and promotions cultivate a gaming environment where fun and opportunity walk hand in hand. Every play brings a potential reward and a surge of excitement, making the Cloudbet experience truly unforgettable.

Cloudbet Casino’s comprehensive payment options and clear and fair withdrawal fee structure make it a versatile and accessible platform for all crypto gamers. 

Cloudbet Casino’s payment options cater to your needs, providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience whether you’re just starting your crypto journey or are a seasoned veteran.

Cloudbet Casino is committed to ensuring its gaming environment’s integrity, fairness, and transparency. Through rigorous testing, monitoring, and clear communication channels, Cloudbet Casino provides a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.

Cloudbet Casino is unwavering in its commitment to safety and security. Cloudbet Casino ensures its patrons a secure and trustworthy environment through vigilant data protection, rigorous anti-money laundering, and know-your-customer policies.

Overall, the reviews offer a mixed bag of experiences, showcasing Cloudbet Casino as a platform that provides a delightful gaming experience for some while leaving others with bitter dissatisfaction. 

Prospective users must make informed decisions, bearing in mind the potential risks and rewards associated with online gambling platforms like Cloudbet Casino.

Cloudbet Casino FAQs

Cloudbet Casino is a well-established online betting platform that has been in operation since 2013. It accepts cryptocurrencies and offers a variety of games, sports betting, and esports betting.

Cloudbet Casino is crypto-friendly and accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Please visit their official site or contact customer service for more specific information.

Cloudbet utilizes Random Number Generators (RNGs) on all games to maintain fairness. All RNGs are certified, externally tested, and monitored for discrepancies. Theoretical and actual return-to-player (RTP) percentages are also compared regularly.

Cloudbet reserves the right to apply a handling charge of up to 5% on deposits and withdrawals to cover transaction costs.

Cloudbet may suspend player accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months. To reactivate your account, you should contact their support team at [email protected].  

If an advisor does not resolve your concern, you can escalate the issue by referring the matter in writing to the Head of Customer Support at [email protected].

New users at Cloudbet Casino are greeted with a 100% sign-up bonus.

No, Cloudbet Casino does not accept traditional payment methods. It’s a Bitcoin-only casino, meaning you can only deposit or withdraw funds using cryptocurrencies. This payment option provides fast, secure, and anonymous transactions, a considerable advantage for many users who prefer privacy and speed. The primary cryptocurrencies accepted by Cloudbet are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. 

Yes, there are certain countries where access to Cloudbet Casino is restricted due to their local gambling laws and regulations. These countries include but are not limited to the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and the restrictions can vary depending on changes in local laws and regulations.

Yes, Cloudbet Online Casino requires players to be at least 18 to play at the casino. 

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