Today I am going to take you on an adventure, an adventure I am sure you have never been on before. We will be cruising by car of course,  through  Ignation Casino. There are lots of amazing sights to take in and such little time for it all. So hop on board and off we go. 

Whenever I review an online casino I like to cover all the important bases and then throw in a few nuggets here and there. My reviews also contain my unbiased opinion of these business entities and I try as much as possible to be as critical as I can when sharing my experiences and giving advice. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Ignition Casino is considered a legitimate entity for the following reasons:

  • Ignation Casino collaborates with several well-established, reputable, popular gaming companies.
  • Ignation Casino receives only top ratings from its customers on forums.
  • Ignation Casino’s site operates using secure, SSL-encrypted connection.

Whenever I research a casino, there are a few important pieces of information I always like to obtain, because this will allow readers to have clear knowledge about which casinos they should avoid and which they can trust. Some of the information I consider of great value relates to the security of websites when dealing with transactions involving money, licensing of the casino and how they operate, customer service, and the time it takes for winnings to be processed.

As for Ignation Casino when it comes to payouts, they utilize the service of an uncompromising and trustworthy third-party named Kahnawake Gambling Commission, nevertheless, I would have preferred eCOGRA.However, my mind is at ease when it comes to Kahnawake Gambling Commission because this company takes its work very seriously and would not hesitate to close down a casino if they are made aware of any form of fraudulent dealings going on in that casino.

Important: Ignation Casino is also affiliated with reputable top-rated casinos like Bodog and Bovada. These casinos allow gamblers from the USA access to their websites. Only the best casinos in the gambling industry are usually associated with Bodog and Bovada. 

Ignation Casino Creative Team opted to use the colors dark gray , orange, and white for their webpage which in my opinion was a perfect choice. They chose use simple designs, and intuitive layouts, and include a search feature on their site which makes it easy and fast for players to navigate the website. There is also a MENU on the left side of the home page that has all the game categories listed.


There are a few states from the USA that are prohibited from Ignation Casino and these are NJ, DE, MD, and NV. In addition players from the UK are not allowed access to this gambling site.

Many online Casinos around the globe prohibit players from the US from accessing their sites, so even though a few states are not allowed it is still great that the majority is accepted.


In every area of life, we should always look for the positive and then proceed with the negative and as such I will use the same approach when it comes to my review of Ignation Casino. So let us start off with a list of the Pros;

  1. USA Players are Accepted

    I suppose that the majority of American casino enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Ignation Casino is willing to welcome them with open arms. Only a minority amount of states four to be exact, are excluded from the list of states approved.

  2. Huge Bonus Offers

    Can you tell me of an individual who doesn’t like free goodies? I know I can’t. This brings us to our second Pros, welcome offers, and weekly deposit matches. Yes, you certainly read that correctly. Ignation Casino like many others does offer players two large welcome bonuses along with deposit matches on a weekly schedule which are much better than their competitors, not to mention that the wagering terms on average are also much smaller than other casinos.

  3. Bitcoin Accepted

    This Pro may come as a surprise to many gamblers simply because there aren’t many casinos that are into Bitcoin, this type of currency is fairly new and many may still be “late adopters”. However, for those who are “fully adopted” to the world of Bitcoin, this is a casino you will love. In addition, those who are now on their journey of converting to crypto and would like to test the waters as much as possible, Ignation Casino is a good place to be at.


In life, there is always a need for balance. I have covered a few of the positives at Ignation Casino, now let us balance that out with some of the negatives.

We have taken a look at what Ignation Casino offers, now let us cover some of the features that most players look forward to having in a casino but are not provided by Ignation.

  1. No Live Casino Games

    How about the fact that Ignation Casino does not offer Live Dealer Games? I am aware that most gamblers look forward to a game of roulette or blackjack in the presence of a captivating Live Dealer with whom they can interact, unfortunately, if that is a priority for you, then another casino may be your best choice.

  2. No Sportsbook/App

    This con is likely to be a bit disappointing to the sports fanatics out there who are into betting on games, it is sad to say that you will not be able to enjoy your casino games and have your sports books opened at Ignation casino simply because they do not provide sports books. Ignation Casino does not have an app either


Ignation Casino offers games from some game providers which includes Revolver Gaming, Rival, Makitone Gaming, and Real Time Gaming, to name a few.

Makitone Gaming, is probably the only one on the list who has yet to be discovered and given credit, especially for their ingenious graphics as that bring every aspect of their games to life. If you aren’t convinced then taking a look at Koi Garden just might do the trick.


There are more than 200 slot games to choose from all of which can be played in free trial mode and real money mode. But for Ignation Casino the sky is the limit, their goal is to max out all the slot games in the casino industry and they are working to achieve this goal by continuously adding more slot games, even those we have never before heard of. If slots are your thing and you are seeking advice, here is my suggestion, test the waters first by playing the free trial mode before taking a deep dive.

Hot Drop Jackpots

Hot Drop Jackpots is a new feature that most casinos are now including in their gaming menu, that gives players more opportunities at winning big while risking little to nothing. Hot Drop Jackpots can be found within the Slots MENU.

This feature works by alerting players to a specific moment during the game in which their chances of hitting the jackpot are extremely high. The player will be taken to an area referred to as the “Hot Zone” where they will be informed of the amount of time left for a particular Jackpot to be released. If however, the jackpot to be released is a Super Jackpot, then this is not time-dependent but is based on an increase in the total pool of bets.

Players can count on an upsurge of their adrenaline knowing that as the time draws closer for a jackpot to be released, their chances of winning increase.

The casino industry needs to give a big thank you to the creators of this genius innovation because they have found a magnificent way to keep players super excited and looking forward to having fun at online casinos.

Video Poker

We would say that one of my favorite things to do is to go head-to-head with a machine in hopes of winning big because I am convinced that my chances of doing so are 4 out of 5, and what better way to accomplish this than by indulging in a game of Video Poker.

Here at Ignation Casino, there is an average selection of Video Poker. The games load without any delays, there are no freezes when playing, and are in many ways identical to many of the other popular video games which makes it very easy for players to quickly become more hands-on.

Another great thing is that players have the option of playing in demo mode or they can make a purchase which ranges between $0.05 and $5 per try. Then for those who are daredevils and want to take things up a notch there is the option to play multi-hand.

Table Games

The games Blackjack and Roulette have been around ever since dinosaurs walked on the face of the Earth and it would appear that these games are here to stay. In saying this, Ignation Casino could not have made a better decision when arranging these all-time favorites into their respective categories, in their drop-down MENU on their main MENU tab.

These too can be sampled in the free trial mode where players can learn strategies, get practice and build confidence. After all these components do come in handy for game tables like these with extremely high limits, $1,000,000.

When you feel ready to play for real money, your risk at Ignation Casino will range between $1 and $1,000. The range is based on your choice of game. Remember to always have a set budget and stick to that budget when gambling no matter what happens.

Other Games

At Ignation Casino, there is something for everyone. Some may shy away from classic casino games and gravitate towards arcade games like keno, bingo, or Sudoku. The good news is, Ignation Casino has it all. Better still, they have taken it a step further by adding multiple variants of each game mentioned before e.g The variants of Bingo are GoGo, European, American, and 80Ball to name a few.

Before I move on to the next topic I do believe that one game, in particular, deserves an honorable mention here at Ignation Casino and that is the game called Craps. From experience, I can say that 90% of casinos neglect to include this game on their websites, but I found it refreshing that Ignation Casino took a different route and added it to their list. Craps was enjoyable and I did get the opportunity to put some of the skills I acquired in the past to the test.


Ignition Casino’s poker section is a force to be reckoned with. This section is so diverse that it deserves its blog post and guess what? We have already complied one which you can access by clicking on the link Ignition poker review

Just like any other online casino Ignition Casino offers several welcome bonuses which can be claimed whether players are using traditional currency or Bitcoin.


The welcome bonus offered at Ignation Casino can only be claimed once and it is subject to wagering/playthrough requirements which are 25x before it can be withdrawn. The match-up deposit bonus offered by Ignation Casino is 100% when traditional currency is used.

Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

If you choose to go the crypto route and use Bitcoin, you can enter this code IGBITCOIN200 to claim a deposit match-up of 200%.

Bitcoin Reload Bonuses

The Bitcoin Reload Bonuses allows players to claim 25% on each Bitcoin deposit they make while gambling. These bonuses are unlimited but are all subject to 25x playthrough/wagering requirements which are no different from other online casinos.

The Weekly Casino Reload Bonuses offers bonuses to players who deposit traditional currencies. Every week players can claim a reload bonus of up to 100% by using a special promo code which will differ from another week. Not only will each week have a unique promo code but the wagering/playthrough requirements will also differ.

Ignition Casino also provides referral links to players who wish to invite their friends to sign up to the website. When the player’s friend creates an account then Ignation Casino will reward that player with v $100.

Nevertheless, this reward is also subject to the same 25x wagering requirements as the other bonuses.

I have found all the bonuses listed above to be fantastic and would recommend that players take full advantage. They are not only amazing but competitive as well if you were to consider how low the wagering/playthrough requirement is compared to the large sums offered.


Now when dealing with real money online it is obvious that one should always make sure that the sites they are dealing with are thoroughly secure. Many players do overlook this important fact and end up regretting making such a huge mistake.

Ignation Casino accepts credit and master cards as well as Bitcoin. Paysafecard, Neteller, and Skrill are not yet on their list of payment methods.

There are no fees attached when using your cards or cryptocurrency to make deposits or even withdraw your winnings. However, if you make several withdrawals using cheques then you will be charged a fee of $50 per month, nevertheless, you will not be charged for the first cheque.

It can take from 3-10 business days for withdrawals to be processed. But before being able to do so you will need to provide a valid ID and the most recent bill with your address and name printed on it.

There are no deceitful terms and conditions attached to the withdrawal process at Ignation Casino. s and conditions, which I zeroed in on and checked thoroughly.


  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bitcoin


  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Cheque

There is a feeling of importance when you have been devoted to one business entity for a very long time and that entity recognizes and rewards your faithfulness. Ignition Casino is one such entity that encourages its diehard customers by providing a loyalty program. Here is how their loyalty program works, customers get the opportunity to earn what is referred to as “miles” for every real-money bet made on any game.

The amazing thing about Ignation Casino’s Loyalty Program is that your level will not be taken away from you even if you take a break for months on end. For this reason, We believe that Ignition Casino would be an excellent choice for players who are unable to control their gambling addictions.

Key Takeaways

  • Ignition Casino is one such entity that encourages its diehard customers by providing a loyalty program.
  • Ignation Casino accepts credit and master cards as well as Bitcoin. Paysafecard, Neteller, and Skrill are not yet on their list of payment methods.
  • The Bitcoin Reload Bonuses allows players to claim 25% on each Bitcoin deposit they make while gambling.
  • There are more than 200 slot games to choose from all of which can be played in free trial mode and real money mode.
  • There are a few states from the USA that are prohibited from Ignation Casino and these are NJ, DE, MD, and NV.


In the event you desperately need help these are the customer care contact options;

Email – Ignition Casino has provided their email address on their homepage in the main menu bar. You will only need to click on the email icon, which will open on your screen. I would suggest that you only use this means of contact for queries that do not require immediate attention as it will take approximately 24 hours for customer care to respond.

Live Chat – This is the feature you will need to use if you need an almost immediate response to questions or any form of help related to Ignition Casino. Simply click on the speech bubble icon, type in your question or complaint and you will be attended to in just a few minutes. Customer Care is available on this chat 24 hours a day and the team is very polite and patient.

Telephone – The number made available is 1-855-370-0600 which is toll-free for those within the USA only.

Your call will be answered within a short period and the complaint will be well received. In conclusion, Customer Service at Ignation Casino is great.

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